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February 13, 2012

Welcome to the Australian Folklore Network blog.

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One Comment
  1. Stephen Alomes permalink

    Halloween – Commercial Festival but are there elements of evolving folklore?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the transmission, translation and variations of the commercialised version of American Halloween to other countries such as Australia, Japan and France?
    How does it relate to children’s play and creativity (eg masquerade= dressing up) and adolescent plus partying?
    Are there elements in Aus or elsewhere which transcend the marketing driven + give me sweets desires of children who understand the idea of treats more than any suggestions of tricks?
    I would also be interested in anyone’s observations of the rise of Halloween in the daylight savings and other times Aus suburbs as mothers take young kids around and pre-teens and early-teens go round themselves. Has anyone any thoughts based on what they saw or know?
    Stephen Alomes

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