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1,000 Years of Popular Music

November 12, 2014

A 1000 years of folk song courtesy of Richard Thompson …

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  1. Convenor permalink


    Respected and longtime contributor to the folk community and AFN affiliate Peter Ellis passed away on May 18 last. Peter knew more than anyone about the history and traditions of Australian social dance, folksong, music and the instruments on which they were – and are – played. He was a noted performer, collector and promoter of dance in live performance, recording, research and writing. His work was always enlivened by his interest in the local history and culture behind the folklore.

    Peter, together with Bruce Watson and friends presented a well-received finale to this year’s National Folklore Conference over Easter and was seen and heard playing around the National Folk Festival. His passing so quickly afterwards is a shock and sadness to his many friends.

    Those who knew Peter, even if only a little, all know what a gentleman he was and his great sense of humour. His letters and emails, full of fascinating information from his researches and incisive questions were legendary among those interested in the Australian folk tradition. Peter’s work was recognized through the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2012 ‘For service to the arts through the collection and preservation of Australian folk history and heritage.’

    Peter was a direct link to many of the pioneers of the Australian folk revival – we will not see his like again.

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