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– Making Connections in Folklore –

 The origins of the AFN lie in the ongoing concerns of Australian folklore collectors, researchers and performers about the continued absence of a formal institution for the collection, study and dissemination of Australian folklore, in all its many varieties. A primary aim of the AFN is the establishment and maintenance of a national folklore capability.

While pursuing this goal we aim to utilise new technology to help us keep in touch with each other, share ideas, information and news, maintain the National Register of Folklore Collections and generally promote Australian folklore throughout the community.

The AFN publishes this blog, which includes information about the activities of the AFN, news of events, projects and progress of interest to affiliates and also features the folklore activities of affiliated individuals and organisations.

AFN Aims

• To bring together in a national coalition the organisations, associations and individuals involved with the collection, research, archiving, dissemination, teaching and performance of Australian folklore, in all its varieties.

• To provide means and methods of communication, dialogue, interaction, debate and access to resources and facilities, etc. that will further the development of Australian folklore collection, research and dissemination.

• To promote the activities and importance of Australian folklore as widely as possible, including to the general public, education, government, private sector and media.

• To further the establishment of a national folklore capability.

• To maintain contacts, interchange and dialogue with those pursuing folklore-related activities around the world.

The AFN is coordinated and resourced through the Australian Folklore Research Unit at Curtin University,Perth, Western Australia.

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