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The Australian Folklore Network (AFN) is a national coalition of individuals and organisations with an interest in one or more aspects of folklore collection, archiving, research, teaching, administration and performing. In partnership with the National Library of Australia, the National Folk Festival and CurtinUniversity, the AFN hosts an annual conference, publishes the e-publication Transmissions, coordinates the Register of Australian Folklore Collections, carries out projects and generally promotes Australian folklore in all its varieties throughout the national community.

Individuals and organisations with an involvement or interest in these activities are invited to affiliate with the AFN. Affiliation is no-charge and obligation-free.

The AFN is coordinated and resourced through the Australian Folklore Research Unit at Curtin University, Perth, WA.

To affiliate with the AFN, fill in the details below and return to the address provided at the bottom of this sheet.





Please mail this completed form to:

Graham Seal

Curtin University

GPO Box 1987





Alana Brekelmans

Amanda Bettesworth

Andrew Drane

Anna Blanch

Anna Jarrett

Ann Young

Australian Children’s Folklore Collection, Museum Victoria

Australian Fairy Tale Society

Australian Federation of  Social Dancers

Australasian Mining History Association

Beth Sowter

Bill Scott (dec.)

Bill Wannan (dec.)

Bob Bolton

Bob Foggin

Brian Dunnett (dec.)

Brian Samuels

Brian Shepherd

Brian Wilkins

Bruce Cameron

Bob Rummery

Bush Music Club

Campbell Irving

Carmel Charlton

Cec Bucello

Chloe Roweth

Chris Kempster (dec.)

Chris Woodland

Chris Wright

Christina Mimmocchi

Christine Wheeler

Cliff Hanna

Colin Fong

Colin McJannett

Dani Rocca

Danny Spooner (dec.)

Dave Hults

David De Santi

David Johnson

David Mulhallen

David S Azzolina

Dawn Anderson

Dieter Bajzek

Don Brian

Don Ray

Elaine Velt

Emma Nixon

Folk Alliance Australia

Gene Smith

Graham Chalker

Graham McDonald

Graham Seal

Graeme Smith

Greg Adams

Gregan O’Leary

Gwenda Davey

Helen Gee (dec.)

Helen Romeo

Hugh Anderson (dec.)

Idena Rex

Ian Russell

Janet Hawkins

Jan Lewis

Jan Nary

Jan Orloff

Jason Roweth

Jenny Gall

J D A Widdowson

Jeanette Mollenhauer

Jeff Corfield

Jim Low

Joan Hellman

Jo Dougal

John Carroll

John Harpley

John Low

John Marshall

J S Ryan

Judy McKinty

June Factor

June Nichols (dec.)

Justin Murphy

Karl Neuenfeldt

Katie Andrews

Keith McKenry

Kel Watkins

Kevin Bradley

Lee-Anne Abdo

Les Montanjees

Lia De Paoli

Luisa Del Giudice

Mark Cranfield

Mark Cryle

Mark Gregory

Mark Moravec

Mark Oxbrow

Martin Chatfield

Martin Goreing

Mary Martin

Maureen Seal

Michael Delhaas

Mike Brown

Mike Martin

Moya McFadzean

Noel May

Noris Ioannou

Olya Willis

Patrick Watt

Pete West

Peter Ellis (dec)

Phil Garland

Phillip Ashton

Philip Hayward

Phyl Lobl

Reilly McCarron

Roberta Styles-Wood

Robert Smith

Rob Willis

Roger Hargraves

Ron Brown

Ron Edwards (dec)

Ron Higgins

Rosemary Wilkinson

Ruth Hazleton

Samantha O’Brien

Sandra Nixon

Steve Bullock

Steve Gadd

Stuart Graham

Susan Faine

Terry Clinton

Toby Eccles

Tony Smith

Tony Suttor

Top End Folk Club


Trish Williams

Valda Low

Vic Orloff

Victorian Folklife Association

Warren Fahey

W.Benjamin Lindner

Wendy Corrick

Western Australian Folklore Archive

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