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National Register of Folklore Collections

Folklore Australia – resource base

Australian Folklore Research Unit – Curtin University

Simply Australia Online magazine of folklore and social history

National Library of Australia Oral History/Folklore ArchiveP

Trad&Now – Australian Folk Music magazine

Play and Folklore- Australia’s journal of children’s folklore

Useful Ballads link

Warren Fahey’s folklore site

Ballad sites

Dry stone wall society

Childhood, Tradition and Change

Western Australian Folklore Archive

Smithsonian Global Radio

Railway Lore and Legend

Wongawilli Colonial Dance Club

Centre for English Traditional Heritage

Germany Downunder


Folk Music Society of Ireland

Australian Folk Songs

Union Songs

Frank the Poet research blog

Great Australian Stories

Australian Colonial Dance

Transplanted Musical Traditions in Australia – by Peter Parkhill

Traditional dance Youtube by Peter Ellis

John McIntyre plays a lament on Northumbrian small pipes to his ancestor Duncan Ban MacIntyre

Folklore Australia – resources and links

The Ghost Music Archives

Library of Congress Folklife Center Australian collections

Nariel Creek dance

Blog Archive

  1. Bush Music Club founded 1954

    website –
    photo website – ########
    blog –

    BMC no longer has a separate photowebsite, some albums have been posted in blog articles, others will be posted in the future.

  2. G Seal permalink

    Useful collection of links to English traditional music websites

  3. Sandra Nixon permalink

    Bush Music Club founded 1954

    website –
    photo website –
    blog –

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