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A volume of papers from the Australian National Folklore Conference 2005-2010 has been edited by Graham Seal and Jennifer Gall under the title Antipodean Traditions: Australian Folklore in the 21st Century (Black Swan Press, Curtin University, 2011).

1. Australian Folklore in the 21st Century, Graham Seal and Jennifer Gall
2. Collecting Children’s Folklore in Australia, June Factor
3. Substance and Style in Electronic Recording of Australian Children’s Folklore, Gwenda Beed Davey
4. String Games in Australia, Judy McKinty
5. Keep him my heart: Returning music and sense of place to Top End communities, Jeff Corfield
6. Indigenising the Documentation of Musical Cultural Practices: Torres Strait Islander community CDs/ DVDs, Karl Neuenfeldt and Will Kepa
7. Industrial Song and Poetry in Australia, Mark Gregory
8. Mr Vasilis’s Taksim: A brief glance at musical and music-based performance among Greek- Australian communities in Melbourne, c. 1950-74, Peter Parkhill
9. Leaving makes me sorrowful: Songs of early Scots-Gaelic migrants in Australia, Ruth Lee Martin
10. Roast Pork the Bill Lang: Rhyming slang in Australian folk speech, Graham Seal
11. The Dog’s Eye: The pie in Australian tradition, Robert Smith
12. Brash, Bold and Beautiful: The Sydney folklore project, Warren Fahey
13. Click Go the Shears: The making of an Australian icon, Keith McKenry
14. The Creation of Waltzing Matilda: Australia’s unofficial national anthem and international
Australian icon, Dennis O’Keeffe
15. Tradition and Revival: Mary Jean Officer and the collection of folklore, Jennifer Gall
16. That face on the bar-room floor: Kenny Goldstein and the collection of recitations in Australia, Hugh Anderson
17. Where did that Tune come from? Transmission of traditional music and song in contemporary
Australia, Ruth Hazleton
18. Folk Music from Kitchen to Concert, Graeme Smith
19. The Australian Folk Revival: An historical chronology, Brian Samuels

Published: December 2011
ISBN: 9780980631371 (pbk.)
Dimensions: 25 x 17.6 x 17 mm; 307 pages + cover.
Price: AUD $30 inc GST (plus p & p)



Verandah Music: Roots of Australian Tradition

‘Verandah Music’ is a unique anthology of writing on traditional Australian music which provides a fascinating insight into the relationship between the music and the people that produced and perpetuated it. Through interviews, photographs and personal stories, the book illuminates the traditions, working lives and family connections of some of Australia’s most colourful characters and the music they loved.

The book comes complete with two CDs, mastered by the National Library of Australia, which greatly enhances the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of this unique form of Australian folk music.

The richness and diversity of traditional Australian music is brought to life by this combination of candid interviews, historical photographs and music. A remarkable community of musicians contributed to the book including professional folklorists, performers, collectors and producers, writers, scholars and teachers.

Publication Year
Fremantle Press
1 92073 197 0
9 781920 731977

Large Format Photographic
Height x Width mm
280 x 220
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